24 April 2014

Yoga Focus: Stay Human

It is difficult in this world at times to understand that we are all human.  We all have fears, we all love, we all hope, and we all sometimes fall down.  It is easy to forget the moments of intense struggle and pain (both physically and emotionally) that each being goes through on this planet.

But in the practice of yoga we learn how to see each other and ourselves in a way that connects and binds us indelibly. Yoga gives us this gift both through practice and teaching.  In both cases as a student and a teacher I feel deep connection with myself and my core but more importantly to everyone in that classroom and sometimes to the world outside.  The goal of yoga always is to take our experiences outside of the studio and apply them in our every day lives. 

This video below is a great reminder of the very essence of being human - to never forget that we are all going through life in every moment.  It was produced by an advertising agency to highlight the invisibility of the homeless in New York City.  Their take and the reactions are worth watching as it serves as a great reminder to stay connected to each other.

I wish you all an awakened Spring, one filled with fresh eyes and a renewed spirit.  Be kind to each other and to everyone around you.  Your spirit will soar.



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