02 May 2014

Gratitude Moment: Home

Last month's Gratitude Moment touched on being grateful for travel. Today, I'm expressing gratitude for its opposite: the idea of home. Home can mean different things. For some people it's where they sleep; for others it's a specific city.

Photo by David Sag / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Be grateful for the home you live in, whether big or small, shared or alone. For example, in a small apartment, I'm happy there's less space to clutter up. In a big house, I'm excited to have areas for hosting friends.
Be grateful for the town where you reside. We often travel to discover new things, but there are many treasures to be found locally. One challenge that intrigues me is to try to explore every street in one's neighborhood or city. It's simple yet it can open up a new perspective and appreciation for where we live.

Be grateful for your hometown where you grew up, which might be near or far away. Recall some happy memories of the places where you spent your childhood. What are some good things about returning there, e.g. seeing old friends?

Some ways to express your gratitude for "home":
  • Organize or decorate your home in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied, pleased, or invigorated.
  • Take time to deeply explore a neighborhood or area in your town.
  • Think of some positive memories of places where you grew up.
I find that being grateful for home makes me more grounded, brings me into the present moment, and enhances my enjoyment, wherever I am. I hope it does for you too!

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