16 April 2014

Health Tip: What do I eat?

You might be on your yogic journey for a while now. You might even be integrating more of the philosophy behind yoga into your life. And one of the questions that might have come up is: What do I eat? Do I need to become vegetarian or vegan or a raw foodist to really embody a yogic lifestyle?

While the idea of a yogic way of eating sounds appealing, consider this: No one way of eating works for everyone - including all yogis. 

No philosophy or external expert can tell you how to nourish your body.

The only true authority on what nourishes you best is...you.

To truly honor your needs and evolve as a Yogi, start to distinguish between what your mind wants - what it thinks you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T be eating - and what your body wants. Let go of the diet labels and start to deeply listen to the messages your body is giving you.

Experiment with different foods and feel their effects on a body level. Notice how you feel bloated or heavy after eating certain foods while other foods make you feel satisfied and energized. Notice what times of day you feel better eating a heavy or lighter meal. 

Realize that what works for you at one stage of life does not necessarily work at other stages. Or that what works for you in summer might not work in winter. View your eating as an on-going experiment and become curious about making shifts that really make your body sing. 

In doing this, you will find that perhaps you need to eat some good quality animal products to feel more grounded. Or perhaps a mostly vegan or raw food diet actually is what really makes you feel amazing, and not only what your mind thinks you should eat.

So the best yoga diet there is, in my opinion? Treating your body as a beautiful entity and nourishing it in the best way FOR YOU, both on and off the mat. 

If you want to make changes to your diet but are not sure where to start, join a 4 session group coaching in May where you will discover delicious healthy foods as a way of crowding out less healthy options - all while listening to your body to find what works best for you. Find out more: http://www.healthwise.ch/events/

Hiba Giacoletto
Health Coach

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