12 April 2014

Ways to De-stress: Make a Vision Board

Sometimes we get stressed because we don't know what we want from a situation or a particular area of our lives. Maybe our priorities aren't clear, or we feel confused by having too many choices.

A fun, creative way to de-stress from this challenge is to make a "vision board". A vision board is a poster or book in which you assemble a collage of images and words representing things you want.
Photo by WiseWellWoman / CC BY 2.0

Vision boards can relieve stress because they help us identify and clarify what we would like to do, be or have in life. Using images enables us to visualize these desires concretely, like a list of goals in picture format.

I enjoy this activity because it's like window shopping for my dreams. Of course, taking action is key, but the benefit of a vision board is that the clearer we are on we want, the more we can align our actions to achieve it. 

For instructions on making one, here are some websites with useful explanations:

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