04 April 2014

Gratitude Moment: Travel

People here sometimes bemoan the lack of excitement living in Switzerland, and I've had my share of complaining about it too. That is, until I developed gratitude for one huge benefit of being here: easy access to travel!

Photo by Nicolas Raymond / CC BY 3.0

Switzerland is unique for its convenient central location in Europe. It's well connected for traveling around the world, especially throughout the continent. Whenever you're pricked by boredom, you have the possibility to explore other places within a relatively short time. You can drive, find a rideshare, take a train, or get cheap air tickets. There are so many options available here; isn't that amazing? We can experience France, Italy, Austria or Germany within mere hours and be home in time for bed if we wanted.

It's easy to appreciate this whenever we're about to leave for a trip and experience the ease of getting to and from Geneva Airport. I particularly enjoy taking short road trips -- hopping over the border to do sight-seeing and shopping for an afternoon. 

What are you most grateful for about traveling from Switzerland? 


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