09 July 2014

Ways to De-stress: Mindfulness Mantra

Today I'd like to share a simple technique I use for de-stressing: mindfulness mantras.

A mindfulness mantra is a word or phrase I repeat to myself to reduce anxiety, stress, anger, or frustration. It brings me back into the present moment, enabling me to be mindful of reality instead of feeling lost in my emotions. 

If something makes you upset, doing this can help you de-stress:

1) Think of an issue that tends to make you stressed, for example: someone's annoying habits, a difficult coworker, traffic, weight loss goals, etc.

2) Pick a word or phrase to reframe the situation positively and help you deal with it.

3) Repeat the mantra throughout the day / week / month / etc. You could write it on a piece of paper and place it somewhere easy to see. You could also set it as a repeated alert on your phone, which is what I do.

One of my favorite mantras for dealing with difficult people is "nothing is personal." It greatly reduces my stress by reminding me that what others do is never personal against me. I also like using the word "joy"; it always improves my mood and keeps me mindful of how I prefer to spend my energy. 

What are some mantras you find useful in your life?

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