03 July 2014

Gratitude Moment: Savor Each Bite

Today let's be grateful for one of the most basic pleasures in life: food! 

We often take food for granted because it's affordable and readily available. We eat on the go, or wish we were eating something else, or neglect to give our bodies adequate nourishment.

So how can we have a gratitude moment for our food? Pay close attention to the flavor, texture, aroma, and temperature of what we eat. Chew slowly. Take the time to truly savor each bite.
Photo by .craig / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Instead of rushing through your breakfast or debating with someone over lunch, focus on the exquisite taste of your food. Notice the apple's sweet juice. Feel the curry's spicy kick. 

Contemplate where your meal came from. How did it grow in nature? Remember also that food comes to us through the hard work of many people: farmers who harvest it, truck drivers who transport it, and chefs who cook it.

When we eat mindfully this way, it's easy to feel grateful for our food.

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